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Emily Kumler Kaplan is an award-winning investigative journalist. As an ABC news staffer, newspaper reporter, columnist, and magazine writer, she has gone inside the minds of murderers, world leaders, celebrities, business innovators, and everyone in between. Emily’s fascination with how our personal narratives play a major role in our experiences makes her a captivating writer and speaker. She contributes to the The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, Good Morning America, The New York Daily News, Cosmopolitan Magazine, The Daily Beast, and other media outlets. She also writes a weekly health column for Boston Magazine.



Jill Webb is a multimedia journalist who has covered infrastructure, international travel, technology, and local news. She has written and reported for Inframation News, Us Weekly, GoNOMAD, Times Beacon Record News Media, and more. She is especially interested in telling stories about topics that are typically ignored by the mainstream media.


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Mathew Passy made the transition from radio to digital about ten years ago and hasn’t looked back. He has years of producing, hosting, and editing experience on his resume, including the Wall Street Journal’s News Briefing, Your Money Matters, Getting Married, Getting Hired, The Hilarie Barsky Show, and has helped several WSJ staff members launch their own podcast series. After he left Dow Jones, he created the PodUp Podcast focused on the industry, and he is also the head of content for podToPod.com. With years of podcasting experience under his belt, Mathew now works as the podcast consultant, fine-tuning many podcasts so they are ready for the world to hear.

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