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Tractor spraying pesticides on green field of crops.

Agriculture’s chemical companies and the health risks growing in our gardens, with investigative reporter Carey Gillam

You may be conscientious of the ingredients—or even the macronutrients—in the meals you eat, but what about the chemicals used during crop production of your food? For the past two decades, journalist Carey Gillam has covered American agriculture. Her book “Whitewash” chronicles what happens when agribusinesses place corporate interests over public safety. Gillam explains the potential health hazards of glyphosate, one of the most widely used herbicides, which is most commonly found in the weedkiller Roundup.

Nutrition goals: Brain health, vegans, and carnivores with psychiatrist Dr. Georgia Ede

After altering her diet to fix her own health problems, psychiatrist Dr. Georgia Ede became fascinated by how what we eat affects our physical and mental health. Ede helps her patients reduce or eliminate their need for psychiatric medications using nutritional strategies. She will also explain how to thoroughly examine nutrition studies, specifically taking a look at EAT-Lancet’s plant-based recommendations and unpacking its inconsistencies.