Empowered Health

In 2019, women are unrepresented in clinical trials, prescribed the same dose of medicine as men despite evidence that our bodies respond differently, present different symptoms for diseases and contract different ailments, yet are tested and treated mostly the same. Why? If we know we’re different why aren’t we studied independently and treated appropriately?

Welcome to Empowered Health, your podcast source for everything women’s health.

Created and hosted by journalist Emily Kumler, Empowered Health was inspired from a history of frustration in finding reliable information on women’s bodies and how to best care for them. Each week, we will be breaking down the barriers of health and arming women with the knowledge they need to live healthier, happier lives.

Our goal with every episode is to look deeply into topics that impact women’s lives and offer up new ways of thinking about these problems. The scientific and medical research communities are just beginning to consider how the internal mechanisms of action in a woman’s body differ from a man’s. The findings are staggering. Females respond differently to drugs, food, and lifestyle stressors. Yet, women are usually treated as through their bodies are identical to men’s. We want to dive into the implications of this and figure out what’s truly going on within our bodies.

Come join us on this exciting quest to better understand our minds, bodies and experiences so we may all be more empowered to live healthier, happier lives.

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