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Frustrated by conflicting research? Annoyed that your doctor has no time for you? Sick of contradicting advice in the news?
We are too.

EMPOWERED HEALTH with Emily Kumler is your podcast source that takes a fresh approach to women’s health. In a weekly podcast, this veteran journalist will ask doctors, researchers, experts, celebrities and women all over the world to break down the biggest impediments and barriers to female health. Emily and her guests on Empowered Health will help women better understand their biology, psychology, and experiences in this groundbreaking inquiry into what it means to be a woman.


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EMILY KUMLER is an award-winning journalist who writes for national magazines, newspapers and produces for network news shows. She is a regular on-air commentator and frequently gives talks at universities and corporate events. Emily is obsessed with women’s health, which is why she created Empowered Health.